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Tarra Territory

The township of Yarram is placed neatly between some of Gippsland's iconic natural features, collectively known as Tarra Territory.

Tarra Bulga National Park

Set in the fertile Tarra Valley, the Tarra Bulga National Park contains many walking tracks and picninc spots. Take a walk through the rainforest canopy across the old suspension bridge.

Ninety Mile Beach

Great for fishing, sight-seeing or just a stroll for as long as you like, the Nintely Mile Beach is only a 30 minute drive from Yarram.

Historic Port Albert

This old maritime port was first established in the 1800's, providing a transport gateway to and from the surrounding districts. Nowadays it's a picturesque fishing port with direct access to the eastern waters of Bass Strait.

Port Welshpool & Wilson's Promontory

A little further down the road you will find the fishing village of Port Welshpool, with it's long jetty. (Unfortunately the long jetty is closed, however a local group is aiming to reconstruct and re-open what is the third longest standing jetty in Australia.) Across the waters you can see the rising peaks of Wilson's Promontory, both a national park and the southern most point of mainland Australia. 'The Prom' as it's known locally is home for a wide range of Australian wildlife and also a popular tourist attraction.

Tarra Easter Festival

The Tarra Easter Festival tradition started in 1972 and runs every Easter weekend. There are street performers, food stalls and markets with plenty to see and do. The main event is the street parade which runs on Easter Saturday with floats constructed by local schools and community groups.

Grand Strzelecki Track

The Grand Strzelecki Track was opened in 2012 and comprises of over 75km of walking tracks between Morwell National Park and Tarra Bulga National Park.

Agnes Falls

A 20 minute drive from Yarram, Agnes Falls are the highest single span falls in Victoria - 59m. There is a short walk to the falls viewing platform and picnic facilities.

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